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التوطين Département دورزانو : بلد أوروغواي, إدارة دورزانو.
مدن رئيسية : Durazno, Sarandí del Yí, Villa del Carmen, La Paloma, Centenario, Santa Bernardina, Blanquillo, Carlos Reyles, San Jorge, Baygorria, Ombúes de Oribe, Aguas Buenas, Feliciano, Rossell y Rius, Pueblo de Álvarez و Las Palmas.
معلومات متوفرة : عدد السكان, منطقة, ارتفاع و فندق.

معلومات دورزانو

ISO 3166-2UY-DU

بيانات دورزانو

مدن وقرى16
عدد السكان72,053 سكان
Durazno 55,000 سكان
Las Palmas 24 سكان
منطقة1,135 كم²
Sarandí del Yí 656 كم²
Villa del Carmen 479.2 كم²
الكثافة السكانية63.5 /كم²
Sarandí del Yí 11 /كم²
Villa del Carmen 6.0 /كم²
متوسط الارتفاع91 m (300 ft)
منطقة زمنيةUTC -3:00

خريطة دورزانو

فندق دورزانو

فندق Hotel Santa CristinaHotel Santa Cristina

This elegant country ranch estate in Durazno offers a swimming pool, massage sessions and a living room with a fireplace. Rooms have undisturbed garden views. Wi-Fi is free... عرض المزيد
$US 100
فندق Gran Hotel FloresGran Hotel Flores

Located in the city centre, right in front of Constitution square, Gran Hotel Flores offers free Wi-Fi and breakfast in Trinidad. An outdoor swimming pool and a restaurant are featured on site... عرض المزيد
$US 50
فندق Estancia Los PlátanosEstancia Los Plátanos
Featuring a garden and a library, this 1850 guest house offers cooking workshops and activities for children. Activities in the area such as horse riding and hiking can be arranged. The rooms in Estancia Los Plátanos feature private bathrooms... عرض المزيد
$US 60
فندق San GregorioSan Gregorio

San Gregorio de Polanco
In the quiet summer village of Polanco, 1 block from the bus station, the hotel boasts an artistic hand-painted facade and air-conditioned rooms with a rustic style. San Gregorio offers a charming red-tiled patio decorated with potted plants... عرض المزيد
$US 25

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